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1080P High Definition
Interview Recording System

  • Latest IP/HD-SDI Camera Technology and Design
  • Local / Network File Capture…Searchable Database
  • Simple Control Interface…Push Button Recording
  • Event Marking…Case Information Screen with Overlay
  • Sensitive Professional Microphones & Audio Processing
  • Firmware Based LINUX OS…Anti-Virus and Stable
  • Robust, DoD Implemented SHA256 Encrypted File Security
  • Power Off Data Protection…Live Web Based Viewing
  • Standard Video Format…No Special Software or CODECS
  • Files are Compatible with most Case Management Software

“Your High Definition Interview Recording Solution…”

Learn more about the LXOracle…

LX ORACLE (LXO) is a desktop, high-definition, touch-screen interview recorder designed specifically for law enforcement interviews. Professional grade cameras and microphones synchronously capture video and audio, recording to hard disk and to dual DVD-ROM drives. Each recording has a unique hash value which seals the evidence making falsification impossible. Simple to set-up and operate, the LXO enhances the evidence management process from collection to secure storage and distribution. Turnkey systems are shipped as pre-configured easy to install kits.

Key Features…
Triple Recording Redundancy – The LXO can synchronously record files to hard disk and dual optical DVD-ROM drives simultaneously. Sealed, finalized DVDs are typically available in <1 minute. Files may also be exported to removable solid-state memory or automatically uploaded to a server for archival storage. Systems are both UK ABE and PACE Codes of Practice, E and F compliant.

HASH Time/Date/Metadata Authentication –
The recorder provides unique Hash-based Time/Date/Metadata File Encryption and a permanent visual overlay for both reference and air-tight authentication of each recording.

Intuitive Menu and Simple Button
Control –
LXO is designed for ease-of-use and features one-click operation to start and stop recording locally. The large high-resolution display makes the entry of case information, event tagging and system programming almost second nature. The file database is searchable by date or by case information.

User Defined Camera Image Layout – Up to four cameras may be placed in the interview room, allowing users to observe and capture several different angles. Cameras may be recorded full screen or in a number of user designated picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture configurations.

Perfectly Synchronized Stereo Audio/Video –
The sensitive, auto-gaining professional balanced PZM microphone system with active audio processing virtually eliminates signal interference and suppresses environmental noise. Active audio processing enhances the intelligibility of soft-spoken subjects and increases the accuracy of interview transcriptions.

Local Viewing/Network Streaming –
Administrators can easily define profiles for local recording and live streaming via a web-based application. Interviews can be viewed using any device on the network that supports a standard web browsing application.

H.264 Encoding Equals 50% Smaller File Size –While maximizing available disc space and video quality, the smaller HD files will require no more archival storage than older analog systems. Content is captured as standard MP4 files to ensure that recordings can be played by the viewer’s choice of application without any special software or codecs. Recorded files are compatible with most agencies existing enterprise case management software.

LXO HD Camera Options –Legaltek high definition cameras feature broadcast level 1080P CMOS image sensors with mega-pixel lens and are available in both proprietary covert and non-covert housings. Both PTZ and fixed indoor and vandal-resistant domes are also available. Pan-Tilt-Zoom functions are controlled by the recorder interface.

LegalTek is dedicated to…

Professional-grade microphones with active audio processing yield recordings of crystal clarity, even when subjects are whispering, while broadcast level high definition cameras document every detail.

Recordings have a unique Hash value that can be thought of as “fingerprints” for files. The contents of a file are processed through a cryptographic algorithm, and a unique numerical value is produced that identifies the contents of the file. All device functions other than basic operation are protected by administrative password access.

Intuitive and easy to use, simple button controls initiate and stop the recording. Systems are shipped turnkey and require little or no training or support to operate.

Fail-safe file capture by targeting both hard drive and dual DVD-ROM locations simultaneously. Featuring power off protection and data recovery, the possibility of critical data loss due to network malfunction or catastrophic hard drive failure is virtually eliminated.

Legaltek offers feature rich solutions for every interview environment. Systems are both UK ABE and PACE compliant. Purchase only the equipment that you need…no expensive mainframes or proprietary software licensing.

Our technical group has provided purpose-engineered solutions for law enforcement professionals and government entities for over 25 years.