Digital Audio Recording Kits

  • Records to USB, SD or CF Media…Configured to User Specs
  • MP3 or WAV File Capture…Create Multiple CDs Rapidly
  • Easy Intuitive Button Control…Up to Eight Microphone
  • FTP Network Protocol…Dedicated Remote Application
  • Single Channel or Stereo Configurations Available

“Your High Definition Audio Recording Solution…”

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The LX-MAR brings together a professional multi-format audio recorder, studio-level microphones and cutting-edge low noise microphone preamplifier technology in a broadcast level audio recording system that is easily transportable. The LX-MAR allows agencies to bring professional recording capability with them anywhere.

Files are stored directly to removable solid-state USB, SD or Compact Flash memory. Recordings can be rapidly transferred or to CD-R or CD-RW discs in the field. LX-MAR is the most reliable and secure way for law enforcement and the legal community to record interviews and meetings.

Easy to set-up and intuitive to use, the LX-MAR requires little or no training to operate. The multi-jog control and simple button operation make recording and burning CDs as easy as 1-2-3. Files can be exported in .WAV or .MP3 format.

Virtually maintenance-free, the LX-MAR records audio files to universally compatible, non-volatile solid-state memory. Professional microphones and quick-connect, balanced XLR microphone cables make recording very simple, even for the non-technical user. The system is housed in a ballistic nylon transport case.

LX-MAR is the perfect turnkey solution for in-field audio recording. These versatile systems are shipped in pre-configured kits, which contain all system components and interconnect cables. The recorder is best suited for Interviews, Witness Conditional Examinations, Meetings, Hearings and Conference recording.

Legaltek’s technical group has provided purpose-engineered solutions for law enforcement professionals and government entities for over 20 years. We are a trusted developer and equipment provider to the United States Military, Federal, State and Local law enforcement agencies and numerous international clients.

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The combination of SD card, USB flash drive, and CD-RW recorders allows you to go from source audio to final product inside one quality package. It's easy to record with the flexible LX-MAR portable audio recording kit, thanks to its intuitive controls and easy-to-read display. Multiple CDs can be created rapidly, on location, with the recorders internal optical drive. The LX-MAR jog search function allows the user to navigate recordings for playback of a specific segment. Playback speed control without pitch change allows attorneys, investigators and transcribers to critically listen to recorded conversation. A full-function remote control with 5-meter cable is included. Clients may specify their choice of balanced XLR microphone configuration. Our professional miniature lavalier microphone is a favorite among law enforcement and the legal community. With a wide frequency response and high sensitivity, the lavalier is perfect for crucial audio reproduction of speech. Its omni-directional polar pattern provides an even frequency response throughout the perimeter of the microphone.

The result minimizes handling noise caused by clothing, while providing accurate, transparent audio recordings with minimal noise. The microphone is widely favored for its superior audio quality and miniature profile. The sub-miniature yet durable design enables the microphone to be used anywhere an unobtrusive microphone is necessary. The microphone features an XLR connector and includes lapel clip and foam windscreen.

Our professional miniature unidirectional condenser boundary microphone’s low-profile design, assures inconspicuous appearance for surface-mount use in a variety of legal or corporate recording applications. brings crisp, intelligible audio reproduction to the conference table, interview room and beyond. With a wide-range condenser element and low-mass diaphragm for superior performance, the microphone is equipped with self-contained electronics, eliminating the need for external power modules.

Balanced audio cables are very important in sound recording and because it allows the use of long cables while reducing susceptibility to external noise caused by electromagnetic interference. Their durability and positive locking, quick connect/disconnect feature makes them the preferred choice for professional audio recording applications. The LX-MAR Audio Recording Kit includes a multi-format audio recorder, eight-channel audio mixer, up to eight omni-directional lavalier or miniature condenser boundary microphones, balanced XLR microphone cables in a waterproof ballistic nylon transport case.

Two Year Factory Warranty…Telephone and On Line Tech Support