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Q: What is the LX video recording system?

A: The LX is a purpose engineered LINUX based solid-state, stand-alone video recording system with removable USB memory and internal DVD burning capability. It does not require connection to a computer or any peripheral device to record and store video. The LX features a 17" LCD panel for live room monitoring, and a 5" resistive touch screen control console that also serves as a playback/record confidence display. The LX recording system is both NTSC and PAL ready, and is 120/240-volt mains compatible.

Q: What models are available?

A: LX systems are shipped with 8GB installed USB removable memory. LX II systems feature a 2TB ruggedized removable hard drive with archival file management/DVD creator graphic user interface.

Q: What is the audio and video quality of recordings made on LX systems?

A: LX systems utilize the latest high-resolution camera technology and record video files in full 720 x 480 D1 (NTSC) and 720 x 576 (PAL) resolution, 30 frames/sec at all bit rates. The system audio component features powered microphone elements paired with a low noise pre-amplifier/signal processor to produce recordings of outstanding intelligibility. Audio is recorded at full 16 bit, 48Khz (CD quality).

Q: How does the LX record video and burn DVDs?

A: Recordings are stored directly to solid-state USB memory in the MPEG2 format. This allows rapid burning of universally compatible, non-region specific movie DVDs, without video file transcoding. Transcoding is a time consuming conversion of the highly compressed MPEG4 (h.264) files, required by Windows or embedded DVR based systems, before creating a standard movie DVD. The USB memory can be easily removed for file transfer to a computer or server.

Q: How difficult is the system to install?

A: LX solid-state DVD recording systems are shipped as a complete, easy to install kits. All pre-made cables and mounting hardware are included. Any handyman, cable, IT or CCTV technician should be able to install the system in just a few hours.

Q: How difficult is the system to set-up and operate?

A: Once programmed with the time, date, user information and recording bit rate, simply touch “Record” to begin the recording, “Stop” when you are finished and “Burn DVD” to rapidly create a standard movie DVD with the LX internal DVD burner. The USB memory can be easily removed for file transfer to a computer or server.

Q: What are the available system configurations?

A: The LX and LX II are available in six NTSC system configurations: 1) “Basic”, which features one camera and one microphone. 2) “Stereo”, which features one camera and two microphones. 3) “Stereo Picture-In-Picture”, which adds a second data jack or slim digital thermostat disguise camera for a close-up insert of the subject. 4) “Stereo Child Forensic Picture-In-Picture”, which is essentially the “Picture-In-Picture” system features two mini-dome cameras. The vari-focal lenses allow precise adjustment of both the wide room shot and the subject close-up. 5) The “Stereo Picture-In-Picture Portable”, which features two table top condenser boundary microphones, two color DSP cameras with vari-focal (3.6-12.0mm) lens and universal camera stands in a pelican travel case with retractable extension handle. 6) The “Stereo PTZ”, which features two microphones and a pan/tilt/zoom dome camera with 3-axis joystick controller.

There are four PAL configurations. 1) The Basic features one mini-dome camera with adjustable vari-focal lens and one microphone. 2) The Stereo features an additional microphone. 3) The Stereo Picture-In-Picture package features two cameras, one for theclose-up and one for the wide room shot insert. Both cameras feature an adjustable vari-focal lens. 4) The Stereo Pan Tilt Zoom package features a Sony speed dome with 300X Zoom (30X Optical 10X Digital Auto-Focus lens), and two microphones. Both LX and LX II systems can be custom configured to meet individual specifications.

Q: What camera options do I have?

A: The NTSC options: “Basic”, “Stereo” & “Picture-In-Picture” packages include either the PIR or smoke detector disguise camera for the wide room shot. The “Picture-In-Picture” system includes an additional Data Jack or Slim Digital Thermostat disguise camera for subject close-ups. The camera features a 12mm lens and is usually placed about 12" above table height (42" above the floor) across the table from the subject. The “Child Forensic” system features two mini-dome cameras, one for the wide room shot and one for the subject close-up. Both cameras have vari-focal lenses that can be precisely adjusted for the correct shot. Legaltek can also replace the image sensor in existing disguise enclosures. Custom enclosures are available upon request.
PAL options: “Basic”, “Stereo” & “Picture-In-Picture” packages include mini-dome cameras with adjustable vari-focal lens. The Stereo Picture-In-Picture adds a second mini dome camera with adjustable vari-focal lens.

Q: What microphone options do I have?

A: All system packages include your choice of PZM microphone elements. The “tubular” microphone features a ?” cylindrical design for discreet ceiling mounting. The “plate” microphone, features a standard “light switch” style or a stainless steel louvered security plate for wall mounting. The microphone pre-amplifier/processor provides power to the sensitive microphone elements, circuitry to control audio signals preventing distortion and accentuating the voice, and a filters to help eliminate unwanted building noise that can significantly reduce the intelligibility of evidence recordings. The portable system includes two small tabletop condenser boundary microphones.

Q: What is the recording capacity of the LX?

A: The installed standard 8GB USB memory will yield slightly over 4 hours at the highest bit rate (4MB/sec), while the slowest bit rate (1MB/sec) will yield about 16 hours. Larger capacity drives are available from Legaltek. The installed 2.0TB USB memory in the LX II recorder will yield about 1058 hours at the highest bit rate, while the minimum will yield about 4200 hours.

Q: What USB drives will work in the LX?

A: USB media must have compatible internal memory architecture to work correctly with the LX. Drives with a security vault feature or previously embedded data will not perform properly. All drives must be formatted FAT32 on a Windows based computer, allocation default. Large portable hard drives must be formatted at the factory. We suggest purchasing additional media directly from Legaltek.

Q: What is the USB port for?

A: The port is for the installed 8GB USB memory or for the connection of the portable hard drive. Most agencies issue individual USB memory to officers that use the LX frequently. The LX II features standard 2TB of installed USB system memory. USB drives containing the recorded file(s) can also be removed and uploaded to a computer or server for file management, archival storage or quick creation of a DVD using any disc burning utility. Additional drives are available from Legaltek. The second USB port is used for a WiFi antenna, included with the Legaltek Video Server option.

Q: What accessories are available for the LX?

A: Legaltek offers several accessories to support the LX. Among them 1) The convenient transcription kit, with USB foot pedal, that turns any Windows based computer into a DVD transcriber. 2) The video encoder/streaming interface which provides an IP address for the LX, and allows the streaming of live video via office LAN for live viewing or convenient file storage on a workstation or server. 3) Digital audio recorders that capture both .wav and .mp3 files to USB, Compact Flash, SDHC or Compact Disc media. 4) The magnetic/2D card reader scans data from a driver’s license, identification or similar card.

Q: Can video and audio be stored on a department workstation or server?

A: Yes. Using Windows Live View and the software provided with the accessory video encoder, streaming video could be directed to a designated folder for storage. With the addition of screen recording software, such as Movavi for Windows or Mac, separate audio files can be created from stored video.

Q: Can the LX be used with Cisco Systems or other IP video surveillance solutions?

A: Yes. Simply route the analog video signal from the IP camera to the LX recorder. The digital signal will remain connected to the media server for network distribution and backup. This configuration works well when an agency requires the rapid creation of individual DVDs for transcription, discovery or presentation in court.

Q: Does the LX require a backup drive or recorder?

A: No. The LX records directly to solid state USB memory protected by an interactive UPS power supply.

Q: Do you need to use a DVD duplicator with the LX?

A: No. The LX will generate multiple DVDs of the original recording or files may be transferred to an office computer for storage or duplication. High speed USB to DVD multi-disc duplicators are available from Legaltek.

Q: What if I want to make a separate digital audio recording for transcription?

A: Many agencies prefer to record and transcribe .WAV or MP3 audio files. The LX provides two pairs of audio outputs for connection to an external digital audio recorder. Compatible digital audio recorders are available from Legaltek.

Q: Can I connect an external LCD display to the LX for remote viewing?

A: Yes. The LX provides both audio and video outputs for the connection of an external display or RF modulator. External displays, mounts, modulators and pre-made interconnect cables are available from Legaltek.

Q: Does the LX require any special software licensing fees for the operating system, file transfer or play back.

A: No. Files recorded on the LX can be immediately played or duplicated for transcription or discovery. All future firmware upgrades will be offered at no charge for the life of the product.

Q: Are extended warranty plans available for LX systems?

A: Yes. The LX factory two-year parts and labor warranty can be extended for up to four additional years. (GSA: LXEFW)

Q: What are the advantages of the stand-alone LX vs. Windows based multi-channel DVR IP interview recording systems?

A: Legaltek systems feature individual Linux based stand alone recorders, one for each interview room. Legaltek's primary advantages are:

1) Windows based DVR systems record multiple rooms simultaneously. However, only one room’s audio can be monitored at a time. This is a great disadvantage when conducting simultaneous interviews.

2) Digital IP cameras have an inherent latent picture characteristic resulting in lack of synchronization between the recorded audio and video.

3) Multi-channel systems usually record in the highly compressed MPEG4 format, requiring files to undergo time-consuming transcoding to create standard MPEG2 movie DVDs for evidence storage and distribution.

4) LX recorders are reliable and simple to use. One touch record, one touch stop and one touch burn DVD.

5) All LX systems feature stand alone solid-state recorders that burn and finalize standard MPEG2 "movie" DVDs in minutes. The DVD can be viewed on any DVD player or computer that plays movie DVDs.

6) The LX audio component features high-end microphones and specially designed audio processors to capture the voice and eliminate unwanted acoustic anomalies that often diminish the intelligibility of recordings.

7) LX systems are shipped as complete, easy to install kits, which include pre made cables and hardware. Any facilities handyman, IT or CCTV technician will be able to set up the system in just a few hours.

8) Failure of their primary server renders all rooms inoperable.

Q: What are the advantages of MPEG2 recordings?

A: Legaltek’s choice of MPEG2 over the MPEG4 CODEC, was both the superior quality and the elimination of time-consuming post interview file management. Windows based or embedded DVR systems usually record in MPEG4, which requires file transcoding in order to create a standard movie file that can easily be burned to DVD for storage, discovery or presentation as evidence in court. File transcoding is a very time consuming process, often requiring almost as much time as the original recording to accomplish. This step is never mentioned in promotional literature, but is buried deep in operation manuals.

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