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Police video interview and police interrogation recorder / recording system manufactured by LegalTekLX. Interrogation / interview room equipment designed specifically for Police / Law Enforcement Solid State, Digital Interrogation / Interview Room Recording Equipment / Systems with an Internal DVD Burner. Designed specificaly for the Law Enforcement and the Legal Community.
LXB: LX Digital/DVD Recording System: Basic

The Basic System Package includes everything that you will need to set up your interview room DVD recording system in one simple to install kit.

Description: Legaltek LX interview recording systems feature simple to use, maintenance-free LINUX based, solid-state recorders that burn and finalize DVDs in minutes. Removable memory allows easy file transfer to any computer for file storage, DVD creation and case management. Systems are shipped as complete, easy to install kits. The LXB system includes the LX digital recorder with monitor, touch screen control console, powered speakers, headphones, covert microphone system with audio pre-amp/processor, covert camera, UPS, premium DVD media and all pre-made cables. No software license requirement. Two-year hardware warranty. 69 lbs.

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Technology Made Easy... by LegalTek LX
The Basic System Package includes:
The LX Solid State Digital DVD Recorder with Touch Screen Control Console, Powered Speaker System and Headphones.
LX Solid State Interview Interrogation Recorder

An LXM Microphone System with wall or ceiling mount Microphone, Pre-Amp/Compressor, Power Supply and 50' Balanced Audio Cable. interview interrogation room hidden microphones

An LXC Color DSP 550 line Camera with Power Supply in your choice of PIR or Smoke Sensor Disguise housing and 50' Video/DC Cable. interview interrogation room hidden cameras

Premium Archival DVD-R Media with Case. (100 pack)
premium archival dvd

Uninterruptible Power Supply.
ups uninterruptible power supply

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