Police/Law Enforcement (1) Police Interview Room Recording Equipment and (14) Audio and Video Recording Equipment for Police Interviews. (16) Video Recording for Child Advocacy Centers, 17) Child / Children’s Forensic Interview Recording Equipment, manufactured by LegalTek. LegalTek offers (5) Police / Law Enforcement Interview Camera Recording Systems, (2) Police HD High-Definition Interview / Interrogation Room Recording Equipment, (3) Police HD High-Definition Interview / Interrogation Room Camera Recording Equipment, or our (4) Police HD High-Definition Interview/Interrogation Room Recorder and Dual Camera Recording Equipment as well as (7) Child Advocacy and Child Forensic HD High-Definition Interview Recording Equipment. In addition, LegalTek offers (6) Police Portable / Mobile Interview Recording Equipment, (8) HD High-Definition Transportable Digital Video Recording Equipment for Interviews, Hearings, Meetings and Conference Recording and (9) Audio Interview / Interrogation Recording Equipment for Police and Law Enforcement. Also, (10) Solid State, Digital Interrogation / Interview Room Video Recording Equipment / Systems with an Internal DVD Burner, (11) Police Law Enforcement Concealed / Hidden Interview Room Microphones and Disguise Microphone Enclosures, (12) Police Law Enforcement HR High Resolution Concealed / Hidden Interview Room Cameras and Disguise Security Camera Enclosures, (15) Police Law Enforcement HD High-Definition Concealed / Hidden Interview Room Cameras and Disguise Security Camera Enclosures and (13) Portable Police Interview / Interrogation Room Recording Digital Video Recording Equipment and Law Enforcement Transportable Digital Video Recording Equipment.

Covert/Disguise HR High Resolution Surveillance Cameras

Legaltek’s line of HR cameras incorporates the most recent Sony EXview micro-lens image sensor technology, a design feature that significantly reduces picture noise, the primary cause of deterioration in image quality. Their increased sensitivity and incredible light gathering ability ensure the clarity of video recordings. The cameras are available in a variety of proprietary covert and surface mount enclosures.

LXCDTA Simulated Digital Thermostat (Residential)

LXCDTD Simulated Digital Thermostat (Fixed Decora)

LXCDTR Simulated Digital Thermostat (Adjustable)

LXCDJ Simulated RJ-45 Data Jack

LXCMD Three-Axis Varifocal Mini-Dome

LXCPTZ Pan/Tilt/Zoom Speed-Dome with Three-Axis Controller

LXCSD Simulated Smoke Sensor

LXCPIR Simulated Motion Detector

LXCCMA Simulated Carbon Monoxide Alarm

LXACV BNC/DC Video Installation Cables