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Police Interview Recording System
GSA contract. GS-07F-007CA
Police Video Interview Recording System
Police Interrogation Recording System
Police DVD Recorder
Interview Recording Equipment
Police Interview Recorder
Police Video Interview Recorder
Police video interview and interrogation recorder / recording system manufactured by LegalTekLX. Police Interrogation / interview room equipment designed specifically for Police / Law Enforcement Solid State, Digital Interrogation / Interview Room Recording Equipment / Systems with an Internal DVD Burner.

Also, the DC3 Solid State Police / Law Enforcement In-Car Camera / Video Recording Systems. Be sure to check out our Concealed / Disguise Interview Room Microphones / Enclosures, Concealed / Disguise Interview Room Camera Systems / Enclosures and Interview / interrogation Room Recording Accessories.

LegalTek is a unique group of Law Enforcement Technical Professionals, established Equipment Providers and Manufacturers, that create products and offer services based on the needs and requirements of our core customers, Law Enforcement and the Legal Community.

DVD Interrogation Recording Equipment
Perfect Audio Video Synchronization - No User License Requirement
Police Video Interview Recorder
Police Interrogation Recorder

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Police Video Interrogation Recorder